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Why Fl3xiBooks?

Allowing your bookkeeping to be outsourced to Fl3xiBooks will ensure that the common stresses associated to record keeping are relieved for you.

As a professional Bookkeeping company; run by two certified accountants, we will ensure your financial affairs are managed professionally, efficiently and successfully. We offer a completely bespoke service which is adapted to you and your requirements.

How will choosing Fl3xiBooks benefit you?

Saving on Time – We will ensure all of the work associated to your bookkeeping is managed which will result in saving you hours of hard work and employees’ time

Savings on Tax – As we will be closely monitoring and managing your accounts, we will investigate all cost-efficiencies which can result in tax savings for you and your business.

Friendly and Reliable – Our dedicated team are on hand to assist you by providing a personal and reliable service – giving you peace of mind.

for further information please contact us on or +44 (0)1825 746877