Fl3xiBooks is a reliable, friendly Bookkeeping service which tailors bespoke solutions. We are managed by an expert team of professionals who deliver excellent results. Our London and East Sussex locations mean we are on hand to help you no matter where you are based. 

As part of the Simmons Gainsford Group, Fl3xiBooks provides all aspects of a Bookkeeping service as well as a range of other financial services, making it diverse, successful and a perfect solution to all of your accounting needs.

Bookkeeping done right with Fl3xiBooks

Every business has an obligation to ensure records of transactions, movement of funds and taxation is kept in conjunction to UK law.

The best practice of record keeping also holds an essential platform for running a successful business.


Why Fl3xiBooks?

Allowing your bookkeeping to be outsourced to Fl3xiBooks will ensure that the common stresses associated to record keeping are relieved for you.

As a professional Bookkeeping company; run by a team of dedicated professionals, we will ensure your financial affairs are managed professionally, efficiently and successfully. We offer a completely bespoke service which is adapted to you and your requirements.

How will choosing Fl3xiBooks benefit you?

Saving on Time – We will ensure all of the work associated to your bookkeeping is managed which will result in saving you hours of hard work and employees’ time

Saving on Money – As we will be closely monitoring and managing your accounts, we will investigate all cost-efficiencies which can result in money saving for you and your business

Friendly and Reliable – Our dedicated team are on hand to assist you by providing a personal and reliable service – giving you peace of mind.

For further information please contact us on or +44 (0)1825 746877